Redeeming Heathrow Rewards FAQs
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FAQs: Using your Heathrow Rewards points for Heathrow Rewards

  • What are my points worth?

    500 points can be redeemed for £5 off your booking.

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  • How do I redeem?

    Select your ticket and you’ll be asked if you want to pay with points during your booking process, just before you pay.

    You can then select the number of points you wish to redeem, and you redemption will appear in your basket before you have to pay the balance.

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  • Is there a maximum amount of points I can redeem?

    No, but the website will round down to the nearest £5 of reward value so you don’t over redeem.

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  • Can I redeem for multiple tickets in one booking?

    Yes, select the number of points you wish to redeem for the total amount of your tickets and then proceed with your booking.

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  • I requested my points to be deducted from my account but my computer froze before I could complete my ticket purchase on the Heathrow Express website, can I get my points back?

    Please contact Heathrow Rewards customer service who will confirm with Heathrow Express that the transaction did not complete and credit the points back to your account.

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  • How can I contact Heathrow Rewards customer service?

    By email

    By phone

    0808 5 844 844 (UK)
    +44 (0)203 475 6880 from outside the UK
    Lines are open Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm excluding English Bank Holidays

    By mail

    Heathrow Rewards Customer Service
    PO Box 71707
    W2 7ZQ
    United Kingdom

    Please ensure that you provide your Heathrow Rewards card number and contact details on all correspondence.

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