London Life September 2013: Fashion by Aaron and Reuben Christian
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London Life September 2013: Fashion by Aaron and Reuben Christian

  • LondonLifeSeptember2013FashionbyAaronandReubenChristian
  • 9 Sep 2013

Our resident fashion bloggers Aaron and Reuben Christian have been scouring the capital for the season’s smartest styles.

J.CREW – for you and you and you

The best way to describe this brand is a preppy, mature version of GAP that has managed to find the perfect balance of being commercial, yet adored by style insiders too. Price point, styling, ad campaigns, product; it does everything right. Check out their new sports coats as an alternative to the suit jacket. They’re the epitome of cheap and chic. The London flagship store will be opening in November on Regent Street, so start getting familiar with it and make sure you pass by. You really can look a million dollars on a budget of £100.( Old togs, new tricks

Designers are often sent around the world on ‘inspiration trips’ (somewhere that helps them create ‘cool’). One spot that comes up time and time again for the big denim designers is The Vintage Showroom in Covent Garden. It’s a treasure trove for vintage denim knitwear. The store owners know their stuff and we love that vintage store feel. The lighting is dim, the smell is as musty as dad’s feet, but that’s what really makes this place a must for those looking for exclusive vintage pieces. And dad’s socks.(

Vintage showroom

Your face is your most important accessory

Grooming is important. There’s little or no point pulling on a bespoke suit if your face looks like Bear Grylls’ sleeping bag. That’s where the experience of a stepping into a quality barbers/grooming place really makes the difference. Pankhurst, on Central London’s Newburgh St, should be your first port of call. It has a selection of haircuts, classic wet shaves, scalp and face massages, and even a website that provides ‘how to’ videos. It’s a treat that once engaged in will soon become part of your regular routine!

Justin Fitzpatrick is a shoe-per hero

The self-titled Shoe Snob is a great friend of ours. We love brands that are run by those truly passionate about their craft and no one else embodies this more than Mr Fitzpatrick. A professional shoe shiner by day (he has his own stand in Gieves & Hawkes on Savile Row) and shoe blogger and entrepreneur by night. Justin has recently started to produce high quality men’s footwear, find out more at

Perspire with panache

Victate is founded by Edd Lee, part time designer and part time, wait for it…dentist. So you can imagine his attention to detail is as sharp as a canine. Every collection is limited to a selected quantity (mainly because being a dentist is pretty full-on). Victate’s latest collection focuses on one of the biggest menswear trends on the year – Sports Luxe. The new collection balances both style and technical design perfectly. Now there’s no reason why you can’t sweat in style. We do, in his silk-sheen cotton fabric sports vests.

From béchamel sauce to cufflinks

Every so often you have the pleasure of meeting individuals that have great stories to tell. Monsieur London founders, Thibault and Valentin, are just two. They traveled the world and avoided an acrimonious split due to creative differences when making lasagna before starting the company. That experience solidified their relationship, giving them the creative push for their accessories brand. And after seeing the pieces of art created, we couldn’t be happier, especially with their Antrim knitted ties that work with superbly with a pair of jeans or on a suit.

Author: Reuben Christian

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