London Life December 2013: Fashion by Aaron and Reuben Christian
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London Life December 2013: Fashion by Aaron and Reuben Christian

  • LondonLifeDecember2013FashionbyAaronandReubenChristian
  • 2 Dec 2013

Aaron and Reuben Christian our resident fashion experts are accessorising this month. Little things often say an awful lot. I've no idea who said 'the devil is in the detail' but it's so often true. The little things about the way we dress are the ones that say most. Yes indeed, as we say in the style world – they're the last things on but the first things noticed.

Sock it to 'em

They’re the most commonly used accessory bar none, available in the widest array of styles and are thoroughly unisex. Yes, we’re talking socks! Christmas is coming soon and you could do a lot worse than to open a pair of Soxiety’s finest on Yuletide morn. We're particular fans of the ribbed rainbow range - one for whatever mood you happen to be in.

Watch this space

When were younger, were used to feel that watches had to be expensive to matter and were for the super rich. If it wasn't a gaudy luxury timepiece, then why bother? There didn't seem to be any middle ground. Times have changed (pun intended) and Uniform Wares is a great example for simple, stylish and minimal design watches that are affordable (starting at £170). Based in East London’s Shoreditch, they’re local lads and we’re happy to support them. The 251 series is simple and elegant.

Uniform Wares watch - 2

Razor Sharp

Men in suspenders. No, this isn’t another J. Edgar Hoover biopic; it’s a look at one of the coolest things we’ve seen in a while – shirt stays that double as sock suspenders. Socks are often overlooked when it comes to an outfit and keeping them tight and upright is something that even less attention is paid to. Enter the good folks at Sharp and Dapper. These little beauties mean you won’t ever have to reach down again the next time your boss asks you to, “pull your socks up”.

The Duke of Windsors

Another brand we've recently discovered is Shawn Gordon "I wear ties everyday because the act of wearing them is a ritual for starting the day by feeling good," Shawn told us when we first met. That's a maxim we can live by! He hand makes the patterns himself and never produces in bulk, meaning that you know your designs are going to be unique as you are. He even offers a service in which he collaborates with you on choosing fabric. We're sure he'll be up to his well adorned neck in clients very soon, so get in there early.

Hats off to Christys

Hats can make or break an outfit. During the Spring/Summer ’13 fashion shows, one big trend we noticed across all the menswear shows were hats to finish their looks off. We think they’re a great statement piece. If you’re ever in London head over to Christys' hats as they are easily one of the best hat makers in the city. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but our choice would be a classic fedora style in a black or brown felt.

The missing Links

We first discovered the charm of this wrist wear – at least that's what we like to call it as ‘man bracelets’ just doesn't sound right – while out in Florence. The patrons frequenting the birthplace of the Renaissance have mastered the art of masculine wrist wear and we noticed how they love the more daring colours in leather styles. LINKS of London also have clean metallic styles which will work on everyone and not just the fashion conscious.

Author: Reuben Christian

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