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Corporate Responsibilities

Heathrow Express isn’t just the fastest way from London to Heathrow. We pride ourselves on being a greener choice too and we take our corporate responsibilities seriously.

Since we started our service in 1998, more than 50 million people have chosen our trains for their airport transfer. That has meant less road congestion and less impact on the environment.

We calculate that Heathrow Express customers’ carbon emissions are reduced by 54% compared with going by taxi.

But our environmental and social policies go farther than that. In our day-to-day business we work hard to keep waste, pollution and water use to an absolute minimum.

For example, we recycle most of the water used to wash our trains. We’ve replaced halogen train lights with energy-efficient LEDs. And our smart meters monitor energy use at Heathrow Central to help us save power.

Our ambitions don’t end there. We aim to reduce our landfill waste to zero by 2020. And we’re investigating innovative ideas, such as generating solar and wind energy, and using rainwater for carriage washing.

We’re committed to our people and our neighbours. And by providing a fast, frequent link between Heathrow and central London, we’re helping the city - and the UK - to stay at the forefront of global business and investment.

That has to be good news for everyone, and not just our millions of satisfied customers.

Heathrow Express considers the protection of the environment a fundamental corporate social responsibility and a priority governing all its activities.

Environmental Policy 2018

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