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Heathrow Express Fares Update

01 January 2022: Heathrow Express has consistently received the top customer satisfaction ratings for the past decade, with its NRPS scores always being in the Top 2 across all Train Operating companies and the highest for any rail air service in Britain. With a new fleet, the highest luggage space for any mode of public transport at Heathrow, comfortable seating and space for travellers to relax in a tranquil environment, Heathrow Express will be making fares even simpler by having the same price for all flexible fares across both the digital and at station physical channels. This means the flexible Return fare will continue to remain frozen at £37 since 2017 whereas the flexible Single fare will now be £25 across all channels instead of costing £25 offline and £22 online. Great value fixed single fares will still remain unchanged and start at £5.50 when purchased in advance. Children will still continue to go for free when accompanied by an adult.

Trains to depart from Platform 7

Fri 29 Nov 2019

Trains to depart from Platform 7 

If you've travelled with us before you'll know there's usually at least one train on the platforms at Paddington Station, ready to board. 

Until early 2021, Heathrow Express services from London Paddington will depart from Platform 7 only, between 05:00 and 21:00 Monday to Friday. This is while we work alongside Great Western Railway and TfL Rail to run more, faster trains to destinations west of London using the same number of platforms at Paddington Station. 

Departure times 

Services from London Paddington still depart every 15 minutes at 10, 25, 40 and 55 minutes past the hour. After 9pm and at weekends Heathrow Express services will depart from both Platforms 6&7. Services from Terminals 2&3 to London Paddington will depart one minute earlier at 02, 17, 32 and 48 minutes past the hour.

Get on board sooner 

Platforms and ticket barriers at Paddington station may be busier than usual, especially during peak times. To get on board sooner please stand back from the edge of the platform and allow other customers off the train before boarding. To make your journey faster, please have your tickets, contactless card or Oyster card ready when arriving at the station. Always touch in and out to pay the correct fare including if ticket barriers are open. 

Terminal 5 

If you’re travelling from Terminal 5 there will always be at least one train ready to board. Please see departure screens or a member of the station team to board the next service. 

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