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Mon 09 Mar 2020

‘It’s everyone’s journey’ – New inclusive transport campaign

The Department for Transport launched a new inclusive transport campaign this week aiming to make travelling a better experience for people with all kinds of disabilities.

Transport providers in the UK play a crucial role in modern life and we all want our services to be inclusive to everyone. At present too many disabled people say that they don’t feel confident using public transport and 1 in 4 say that negative attitudes from other passengers prevent them from travelling.

That’s why we’re supporting the Department for Transport’s new campaign, ‘it’s everyone’s journey’. The research behind the campaign shows that customers’ unconscious behaviours when they’re travelling can have an impact on disabled passengers. To support the campaign and help disabled people enjoy their journeys with us, we’re encouraging all our customers to make small changes to their habits when travelling, such as:

  • Be prepared to give up a priority seat
  • Be prepared to help each other
  • Be patient with each other
  • Don’t charge through busy platforms
  • Respect all accessible toilet users

We can all do better at these behaviours when travelling as a passenger, and encourage our customers when they’re travelling with us too. It’s everyone’s journey.

By working together, we can make a big difference and create a more supportive travel environment for disabled passengers. To find out more about the campaign, visit gov.uk/everyonesjourney #ItsEveryonesJourney

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