London Life July: Fashion by Reuben Christian
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London Life July: Fashion by Reuben Christian

  • LondonLifeJulyFashionbyReubenChristian
  • 8 Jul 2013

Reuben Christian co-founded the fashion website Individualism. Visit us online to learn more about his outlook on fashion.

The de-evolution of Hypebeast

Starting off as an online forum for cool kids to discuss all things hip, Hypebeast (originally a slang term used to describe youngsters who would often buy and be lead by the latest gadget or sneaker) has developed into a world-famous lifestyle brand and a conduit of cool. Skimming Hypebeast is part of our morning routine, and that’s before we even brush our teeth. How ironic (clever) it is that a forward-thinking digital format matured into (collectable) print? Stay ahead of Kanye by grabbing issue one at your nearest newspaper retailer. (

Troubadour have it in the bag

They say simplicity is one of the hardest things to achieve in design but with clean and classic holdall, briefcase and weekend bag shapes finished to the finest minimalistic detail, Troubadour Goods have it nailed. Handcrafted in Italy from vegetable tanned leather we’ve never felt (and smelt) bags this beautiful. Not only do they look so suave that they’ll need their own first class ticket, but features such as front pockets and the long tail zipper (which opens the bag up extremely wide for easy access) makes the Weekender perfect for us both, whether Aaron is lugging around video equipment for a shoot, or I’m off for a business meeting on a night bus. (That actually happened.) (

Troubadbour Weekender

Style soothed the Sauvage

Adrien Savauge isn’t your typical designer. Starting off as a professional basketball player for GB, his premature retirement (at age 19) opened the door for a fashion, photography and film directing career. We share his ethos for pushing separates as opposed to full suits - it opens up a multitude of look possibilities, which can only be achieved through trial and error. Talking of separates, his peaked Lapel W1 Mohair jacket in blue screams sophistication whether worn with beige chinos or a pair of pink linen shorts and brogues. Basketball’s loss was fashion’s gain and that SUITS us just fine. (

All roads lead to Portobello

Sometimes we shop for vintage clothes, sometimes we hunt for new UK designers and sometimes we just want to throw on the Wayfarers, sip on some freshly squeezed watermelon juice and admire London’s diversity. When we want to do all three, we hit Portabello Road Market. Saturdays are best, as this is when all the markets combine, from antiques to specialist stalls. So many of our early vintage blazers, which went on to become high street staples, came from here. But we got them for a fiver…with a returns policy. Need we say more? (

Hostem with the most(em)

When you walk into Hostem, you know EVERY tiny detail has been considered – including the impressive length of the store manager’s moustache. Located on Redchurch Street in Shoreditch, East London, Hostem has a unique selection of clothes and accessories from the world’s finest designers presented (never sold) to you by knowledgeable staff. Their buyers consistently get it right with timeless pieces like the metallic graphite sunglasses by The Soloist and - the icing to our cakes - accessories such as Duffy X Hoffman’s textured ring. Hostem is high end. If we win the lottery, we’d pitch a tent in there. (

Up on the roof in Dalston

Located on a rooftop close to Dalston Kingsland Station, Dalston Roof Park appeals to urban adventurers like us. While we drink there, we’re constantly inspired by the creative energy of the locals. This summer will witness creative talent from the likes of graffiti artists to musicians, all checking out the views with a pint and/or an iPad in hand. It’s a perfect hideaway for those lucky enough not to be afflicted with a crippling fear of heights! (

Dalston rooftop

Author: Reuben Christian

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