London Life August 2013: Fashion by Reuben Christian
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London Life August 2013: Fashion by Reuben Christian

  • LondonLifeAugust2013FashionbyReubenChristian
  • 11 Aug 2013

From old favourites to new kids on the block, our resident fashion bloggers Aaron and Reuben Christian showcase their favourite UK brands and stores. Time to get shopping!

An oldie, but a goodie

Although we appreciate a lot of young brands, we always feel extra safe in the hands of older, more established ones: brands that stood the test of time and have used their wisdom to get better with age. Wolsey is one of them. Representing British Heritage in a classic and understated fashion, their knitwear is where they fly. Their Tim Orange V Neck cardigan is testament that a 250-year-old brand can keep up with the times without being affected by it. Respect your elders. (


Save the world with Albam

We love Albam – a quintessentially British brand with ethics and quality at the heart of its stiff-upper-lipped philosophy. The brand goes beyond the clothes – it’s about an ethos and experience, with in-store literature often suggesting reading material and places to eat. The four shops in London’s Soho, Shoreditch, Islington and Covent Garden each have a ‘neighbourhood store’ feel, designed with the residents of each area in mind. One of our personal favorites pieces is the Oxford Orange Carpenter shirt. It falls beautifully with a pair of blue chinos or worn under a grey sweater – preppy yet practical. (

Quick! Catch Mr Hare!

Keeping up with the current fantastic footwear trend, Mr Hare’s offering is perfect for people looking for luxury, high-end footwear with a distinctive twist. A passionate London designer, he’s fast becoming one of the most exciting footwear designers on the market, with a strong emphasis on craftsmanship and collections often limited to maintain an air of exclusivity. But it’s the shapes and colourways that Mr Hare is most famous for. Tasselled loafer in cobalt blue, anyone? Mr Hare shoes make statement without saying a word, so get down there – hop to it! The logo, depicting four hares and a swan, is a nod to the creator’s love of a certain Nike sneaker as a child. Say ‘hare four swan’ quickly and you may just get it… (

Mr Hare shoes

Double down to Denham

Like brogues and white buttoned-down shirts, denim will never go out of fashion. The Denham store is really one of the best denim stores we've been to and between our team, we’ve been to a lot! It’s a great niche brand that was founded by a denim enthusiast Jason Denham and is staffed by other denim lovers. The creative store layout really gets you thinking about fabrics and styling. We particularly like the attention to detail on the Tailor Biss Sport Coat. With its rounded work style silhouette, it gives you the option to rock denim in a more subtle way. (

Best Foot Forward

Footpatrol is one of the most famous and coveted trainer stores in the UK. We first discovered the store by accidentally leaning on the window, which to our astonishment opened like a Narnia of footwear. Back then, the visual merchandise showcased super exclusive sneakers in cages. Now at their new Berwick Street location, they regularly hold special sneaker events allowing you to pick up the latest must-haves from the likes of Converse to Kanye West. If you like sneakers, you’ll love Foot Patrol. (

Author: Reuben Christian

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