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Things to do in London

There are so many things to do in London. We think it's the world's most exciting city. (Ok, we do live here so we might be a little biased.) But whether you've lived in the capital for years or you're a first time visitor, there are heaps of unusual places to visit.

So where to start? Well, we've teamed up with a bunch of carefully selected London experts who really know the city to create this series of quick-and-easy Top 5 London guides.

Whether you're looking for the most scenic cycling routes across the capital, fancy being James Bond for the day or want to download the smartest London apps – we've got them all here.

  • London’s Top 5 cheeky frozen treats

    Ice Kitchen
    • 11 Aug 2016

    Londoners are currently enjoying a new way to cool off in the recent summer sunshine: alcoholic ice-lollies made from your much loved cocktails – and boozy ice-creams and sorbets. We bring you the inside scoop with our Top 5 places to grab a cheeky frozen treat.

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  • Top 5 London Burger Restaurants

    Burger bear
    • 1 Jul 2016

    When hamburgers are made with good-quality, well-sourced beef, the right bun and a bit of love, they can be irresistible. Buns, patties, pickles and melting cheese can be found on every corner of the capital so to help you make the best choice, we’ve listed our ‘Top 5’ London burger joints.

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  • Top 5 London Markets

    • 6 Jun 2016

    London seems to have an endless supply of markets that offer shopping paradise with everything from antiques, designer clothing, flowers and great food. So whether you’re visiting London for a couple of days or live locally, check out our ‘Top 5’ markets and pop into one or all of them!

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  • Top 5 Weekend Brunch Spots in London

    • 20 Apr 2016

    Each month we ask a London expert to give us their Top 5 for the best in the capital's dining, nightlife and more. Brunch has become Londoners’ favourite meal of the weekend; it accommodates lie-ins and gives you an excuse to have a cocktail before midday. Brunch hunter Megan O’Neill shares her favourites.

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  • London’s Top 5 Coffee Shops

    London's Top 5 Coffee Spots Workshop Fitzrovia
    • 21 Mar 2016

    Each month we ask a London expert to give us their Top 5 for the best in the capital's shopping, dining, nightlife and more. London is going crazy for artisan coffee – so where's the best place for your skinny latte or your rare bean cappuccino? Coffee aficionado Phil Wain shares his favourite cafes in the capital.

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