Explore ‘Beautiful Views’ with Heathrow Express: Sydney
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Explore ‘Beautiful Views’ with Heathrow Express: Sydney

  • 21 Apr 2016

These days, amazing views are just a mobile search away. Vacation photos from colleagues and friends fill our newsfeeds and inboxes, and both amateur snapshots and professional photography have inundated the internet. Yet seeing a stunning landscape in person is more than just a pretty picture—it creates a buzz within that drives a desire to explore.

Giraffe at Taronga Zoo, Sydney

Giraffe at Taronga Zoo, Sydney looks towards the city

When asked to think of the World’s best view, most people will conjure up images of natural wonders such as the Grand Canyon or The Azores. However, far from nature’s wonders but equally spectacular are the world’s greatest cityscapes, which can leave an equally lasting impression. 

Australia’s showcase city, Sydney is no exception and has one of the most recognizable skylines due to its world-famous harbour and hundreds of skyscrapers. You can explore this view in a unique way from Taronga Zoo, situated on the shore of Sydney Harbour.

There’s lots to see and do at Tangora, including the famous ‘sky safari’ allowing you to truly understand why they call Taronga the “Zoo with the View”. The Sky Safari offers an uninterrupted panorama of Sydney Harbour and a birds-eye view of many animals. Other attractions include the rainforest trail, seal show and lemur forest!

Views never look as good through a lens, so go out and explore with Heathrow Express. You can fly to Sydney via a whole host of exciting destinations from Heathrow Airport.

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