Explore ‘Beautiful Views’ with Heathrow Express: Pamukkale
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Explore ‘Beautiful Views’ with Heathrow Express: Pamukkale

  • 18 May 2016

Across the world there are countless views guaranteed to take your breath away, which is why each month Heathrow Express wants to inspire you to get out and explore somewhere new. Be mindful that reading this article is likely to add to your travel bucket list – but there’s nothing wrong with that, as every once in a while it’s important to pause and take in a spectacular view!


It is regularly argued that photographs do not do Pamukkale’s beauty justice. This jewel in Turkey’s crown is nicknamed “Cotton Castle” due to the rocky cliffs covered in calcium carbonate and other mineral deposits, which offer a truly unreal landscape, made up of mineral forests, petrified waterfalls and a series of terraced basins.

Long before Pamukkale was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site; the Romans recognised its appeal and built a large spa city next door, named Hierapolis. Visitors to the site are allowed to walk bare foot over the travertines and bathe in the warm mineral pool, before catching their first glimpse of the ancient city.

Visitors to Hierapolis can see a grand theatre, a vast North Necropolis (cemetery), colonnaded street, baths, and numerous other ruined structures.

The ancient ruins coupled with the health benefits of bathing in calcium make Pamukkale well worth a visit, so go out and explore with Heathrow Express. You can fly to Turkey and a whole host of other exciting destinations from Heathrow Airport.

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