Welcome to Heathrow Express. We are an airport rail link operating between Heathrow Airport and London Paddington Train Station. We want you to have an enjoyable journey with us and this page will help to provide you with details of the services and facilities we offer for our disabled and older passengers. 

It includes information on: 

The information on this page accompanies our Accessible Travel Policy.



What is available and how to obtain it.


Booking and providing assistance

During our running hours we have trained staff on board our trains, within Heathrow Airport Terminals and stations, and Paddington station.

We can provide:

  • Assistance with journey planning
  • Assistance with boarding and alighting our trains
  • Deployment of boarding ramps at Heathrow Airport stations 
  • Help and support with arranging transfers between trains and other types of onward transportation
  • Assistance with ticket enquiries and advice on station facilities 
  • Some help with luggage

Our staff are trained to assist passengers with both visible and non-visible disabilities. Please note we are unable to assist with passenger personal care needs or with the lifting of luggage or items which weigh over 23kg.


Turn up and Go

We operate an always accessible 'Turn up and Go' service at all out stations which means you can come to any of the stations we serve without having to book assistance in advance and still expect a seamless travel experience with us. This is part of our commitment to providing appropriate arrangements and assistance to disabled and older passengers using our service. Our staff are trained to identify passengers who might need extra assistance or support for their journey and to provide this.

If you would prefer to pre-book your assistance, this can be done as part of the national Passenger Assist service.


Passenger Assist

Passenger Assist is the national assistance booking system used by train operating companies to help older and disabled passengers use the rail network. Heathrow Express is pleased to participate in the Passenger Assist scheme.

Assistance can be arranged to help you plan and book your journey and to ensure assistance is available to help you for every part of your journey.

Our staff are located nearby the Heathrow Express ticket machines in all the stations we operate into, as well as Heathrow Airport terminals. They are also able to assist with all rail travel related queries and can provide information and help with airport and airline related queries as well. When are staff are not nearby, passenger help points are located throughout all the stations we serve.

Our trains depart every 15 minutes so you can simply arrive at our platform 15 minutes before you wish to depart, and we can help you catch the train you wish. Each of our stations has a dedicated phone number for assistance and a person responsible for receiving the calls. All our staff carry mobile phones and will call ahead and ensure that the assistance teams at Heathrow or Paddington are aware of your arrival time into the station.

  • If you would prefer to pre-book your assistance, this can be done as part of the National Passenger Assist service.
  • Simply call for free on 0800 197 1329
  • Or text relay 18001 0800 197 1329


Our assistance team are available between 06:00am and 23:00pm or you can use our online form to book your assistance outside of these hours here.

The minimum notice period for booking assistance through Passenger Assist is 2 hours on the same day you are looking to travel. Booking through Passenger Assist will ensure that assistance is arranged for all parts of your journey from one call.  For information on facilities at the stations you are travelling through you can visit the National Rail Enquiries Assisted Travel pages.


At Heathrow Airport

You can book in advance through your airline. This includes assistance to or from the Heathrow Express train as well as help through the airport and onto or from the aircraft. 


At Paddington station

Assistance at Paddington is provided by the station operator, which is Network Rail, and can be arranged via the Passenger Assist system. 
You can also request assistance when you arrive at Paddington by:
  • Speaking to any staff member at the station or on board your connecting train service
  • You can use any one of the yellow or white help phones within the station
  • The assistance reception desk can be found on platform 1, near the shops, if you prefer to request assistance there
Assistance at Paddington is available from the passenger assistance team between 07:00am and 22:00pm Monday to Friday and 08:00am and 20:00pm Saturday and Sunday. Outside of these hours passengers requiring assistance can call the Shift Station Manager. Details can be found on the Network Rail website

Please note that you should allow an extra 30 minutes for your journey if you do not have pre-booked assistance for your transit through Paddington Station.

What to expect – our commitment to you 

Before you travel

We know that it is important for you to have confidence and trust in the information we provide, so we will ensure that:
  • All information displayed on our website or any information about us on third-party websites (such as National Rail Enquiries) is up to date
  • Where they are available, Heathrow Express staff will provide you with the most up to date accessibility information

  • The National Rail Enquiries website provides more information on all the stations within the rail travel network and details about the accessibility of facilities and services. 
    Each station page has links, photographs, and station diagrams. Facilities of note such as lifts, toilets and meeting points are detailed. 

    Information on the facilities on our trains and train accessibility information can be found in our rolling stock information page.


    Buying a ticket 

    All our full priced tickets can be purchased online or on our app and relevant discounts can be applied using Railcards or a promotional code. 
    You can also purchase rail tickets from our staff or via our ticket machines located throughout Heathrow terminals and at all stations we serve. Tickets can also be purchased for onward travel with other train companies beyond our service. 

    If you are unable to buy a ticket before your journey because our facilities are inaccessible or unavailable, you may purchase without penalty during your journey or at your destination station and continue to benefit from any ticket price reduction to which you are entitled.


    Rail cards and discounts

    Disabled Persons Railcard discounts are available on tickets purchased from any location. If you hold a Disabled 
    Persons Railcard, please remember to bring it with you to show when purchasing your ticket in person and when travelling with us. 

    For travel on Heathrow Express, we offer the following fare discounts to Disabled Persons Railcard holders:


    First Class / Standard Anytime Single or Return ticket
    34% off
    First Class / Standard Anytime Day Single ticket
    34% off
    First Class / Standard Anytime Day Return ticket
    50% off
    An adult companion travelling with you is also entitled to the same discount.

    Our ticket machines can issue tickets for passengers holding a Disabled Persons Rail Card discounts and for your companion. 
    If you are registered as blind or visually impaired and you are travelling with another person, the concessionary discounts apply for both you and your companion. You would not qualify for the discount if you are travelling on your own. 

    To buy the discounted ticket and to travel, you must show a document confirming your disability. This must be either a CVI/ BP1/BD8 certificate, or documentation from a recognised institution - for example: Social Services, your Local Authority or Blind Veterans UK. 

    If you are a wheelchair user who cannot leave your wheelchair during the journey, but you do not have a Railcard, you can also obtain the same reduction whether you are travelling with someone or on your own. An adult companion travelling with you is also entitled to the same discount. 

    If you are over 60, you qualify for a Senior Railcard. A Senior Railcard entitles you to save 1/3 on rail fares for a year. 


    At the station

    Ticket gates

    Automatic ticket gates are in place at all stations we serve with all of them being wide access gates. When the gates are operational there will always be a member of staff on hand to help you use them. The ticket gates will be locked open on the rare occasion of a member of staff not being available. Meeting points within Paddington and Heathrow are the ticket gatelines which can be found at the entrance to each station we operate into. Staff are located at every gateline should you require any help.

    On the train


    Our new trains which came into service in December 2020, are slightly narrower than the previous ones which means there is a small increase in the gap between the train and platform. However, the stepping distance at all stations will remain within the specified 'level access' target criteria. 


    At Paddington there are some platforms in which a ramp to board or disembark is necessary but on all of our regular platforms a ramp is available if you would prefer. If you have any concerns boarding or alighting at any station or platform, please speak with one of our staff. Staff are available both on the train and on the platforms during train operating hours, so you do not need to pre book this assistance. Ramps will be deployed by staff who are trained to use them safely and we work in conjunction with our partners at Network Rail and Heathrow Rail to deliver this service. 


    Help with your luggage

    Passengers who require support will also receive reasonable assistance with any luggage you have with you. Where it is safe to do so, our staff at stations and on board the trains will be able to help you move and stow your luggage on board. We do request that consideration is given to the quantity or weight of any luggage that you will need help with, as our staff are not able to lift anything that weighs more than 23kg. 
    More information on luggage can be found within the National Rail Conditions of Travel policy or within our Conditions of Carriage.


    On board

    On board, you can leave your luggage in the ample luggage racks near the doors and relax for your journey in one of our comfortable, spacious seats. There are dedicated wheelchair areas within every train, identified by a sticker at the entrance doors in the relevant carriage. 

    Our station staff will help you identify the best place to wait before the train arrives, making your onboarding process simpler. Priority seating is available in all our carriages, and these are clearly signed. These priority seats have additional space to enable you to be comfortable when seated. If you have been unable to locate our priority seating or you find them all taken, our on-board staff will be happy to assist you with alternative seating or relocate other passengers 
    from the priority seats if they are able to be seated comfortably elsewhere. 


    Guide Dogs

    Guide dogs and assistance dogs are welcome at all the stations we operate from, and on board our trains. Prior notice to travel with a guide dog or assistance dog is not required.


    Scooters and mobility aids

    Passengers who use manual and powered wheelchairs or mobility scooters are welcome to bring them onto the trains. There are some guidelines that we would like to advise you of to enable you to travel safely. 
    When on the platforms, please observe the following guidance: 
    • Lower the speed of your scooter to walking pace
    • Make sure you stay behind the yellow line and clear of platform edges until the train has come to a complete stop and is ready for boarding
    • Unload any bags from your wheelchair or scooter as this could cause it to tip when going up / down ramps
    • Even if the platforms are level, there can still be a gap between the train and the platform edge. Be aware of the gap and seek assistance from a member of staff 
    • on the platform if you are concerned and need assistance
    • For your own safety and the safety of other passengers, please follow any instructions given by Heathrow Express or partner staff


    In the event of service disruption, we will arrange alternative transport for you and your wheelchair or mobility scooter whilst considering your personal needs. We can accommodate manual and powered wheelchairs and mobility scooters in wheelchair spaces on our trains, but they do need to be within the specific size and weight requirements which can be found on our website at www.heathrowexpress.com

    If you are travelling with a mobility scooter, we do ask you to collapse your scooter on the platform prior to boarding the train and to store the scooter in the luggage racks where possible. You can then enjoy your journey in one of our train seats. If you are not able to transfer from your mobility scooter and need to remain in it for your journey, then our staff will be happy to assist with this to ensure your journey is comfortable. We do ask that you ensure the brake is deployed and the scooter is powered off for the journey. 


    If things don't go as planned

    Delays and disruption

    Where we know of planned disruption to our services that will affect your journey and you have booked assistance in advance, we will do all we can to contact you. Where we have your contact details and permission to contact you, we will notify you by text message or email with replacement travel information or to make alternative arrangements with you. 


    We will ensure that where you require assistance you are able to make as much of your journey by rail as possible. If our service is disrupted, there are alternative transport links between London Paddington and Heathrow Airport. 

    If these were not suitable for your personal needs and circumstances; individual alternative arrangements would be made for you. If the alternative options are not suitable for you, then we will make sure you are able to continue your journey by providing an accessible taxi at no extra cost to you. Any alternative arrangements would always take into account your personal needs and circumstances.

    We also update the Heathrow Express website and app with the latest service information and ensure that planned disruption information is advertised on our homepage at the earliest opportunity. When disruption occurs with no advanced warning, our station partners will update all customer information systems at the stations we serve in line with our Passenger Information During Disruption procedure which can be found here.

    Our station partners will also make announcements via the public address system where possible to inform passengers of the delays, and our staff will be on hand to provide information on alternative transport options to allow you to make the most suitable decision for your journey. Should you require information, support, or assistance during service disruption you can speak to any of our staff or station partners.

    Our Heathrow Express app, website and Twitter feed are also updated with delay and disruption information, or you can press any customer help point where you will be connected to the station control rooms and they will be able to provide further information. 



    In the event of an emergency, we have trained staff and plans in place which details the actions that staff must take in the event of an emergency. These plans include detailed evacuation arrangements which consider the needs of disabled passengers. The assistance provided to disabled passengers varies between locations and includes the need to identify those who may need assistance, provision of wheelchairs and ramps and identification of and direction to safe havens if normal evacuation routes are not accessible. Our onboard staff have all been trained in the correct emergency and evacuation procedures. Our policy is not to evacuate wheelchair passengers or other passengers with significantly reduced mobility without the support of the emergency services unless the situation is life-threatening. 

    Our onboard staff will pass information from the train to the emergency services of vulnerable people on board who need assistance. We have the necessary emergency equipment on all our trains to evacuate customers, including a specially designed emergency chair should a wheelchair user need assistance evacuating in the tunnel section of our route. Safe areas are provided at all escape stairs in tunnels and at stations.



    If you were travelling on or due to travel on our Heathrow Express service and your booked assistance failed, then you will be compensated. This will be 100% of your single ticket or 50% of a return ticket. If your service failed whilst you are travelling with another train company then you can contact them directly to enquire about your eligibility for compensation, or we would be happy to do this on your behalf. 
    You should be aware that different train companies offer different compensation schemes and what may be available for you when travelling with Heathrow Express may not be available whilst travelling with another train company.
    If you would like us to handle your compensation for a failed service either on the Heathrow Express or another operator, please contact our Customer Relations team. 

    If you are not happy with the way we have managed your complaint, you can contact the Rail Ombudsman who are an independent body who can mediate to find mutual solutions and resolve complaints. They can be contacted by the following methods: 
    Telephone: 0330 094 0362 (Monday to Friday 09:00am - 17:00pm). 
    Email: info@railombudsman.org
    Website: info@railombudsman.org 


    Where to get more information and how to get in touch

    By phone

    You can contact our Customer Relations Department on +44 (0) 345 600 1515.
    Our Customer Relations team are available Monday to Sunday 09:00am – 17:30pm and will endeavour to answer 
    your call within 30 seconds. Our phone number is a local rate service. (Costs from international networks may vary). 

    Our friendly team will be happy to help with complaints, refunds, compensation claims and general enquiries. The contact us page on our website provides information on our complaint handling process and other ways you can reach out to us.


    Via social media

    You can contact us on Twitter @HeathrowExpress or via Facebook.


    On our website

    You can use our Customer Query and Feedback Form where we are obliged to respond to your query within 20 working days. 


    By post

    Please include an email address and contact phone number in your letter to enable us to contact you about your query.

    PO Box 887
    3 Manor Court
    Exeter, EX1 9YT
    United Kingdom 


    More information 

    Our Accessible Travel Policy document is available here. If you would like a paper copy of our policy document or the content on this page (our leaflet), you can speak to any Heathrow Express staff member at any of the stations we serve or contact our Customer Relations team who would be happy to send you a copy at no charge to you. 
    This Leaflet is also available in other formats such as Braille, large print or audio and we will send one to you free of charge within seven days of the request being made to our Customer Relations team. 
    If you are blind or partially sighted, you can use screen reading equipment to view our website via the most popular internet browsers.