For Brits, few things can beat a plate of pie & mash. In the East End of London the topping of choice is liquor (a savory parsley sauce) whereas in the northern parts of England its gravy. Give one of these truly traditional shops a go to decide for yourself. While you're there be sure to try the jellied eels too.

M. Manze

Established in 1902 with every single pie still baked freshly & sold the same day. The pastry is hand made and rolled and then filled with fresh beef minced on site, they only use prime cuts of beef. A small amount of gravy is added to each pie before the top layer of pastry is added. The pies are then cooked in traditional stone ovens in large trays. Frequented by the likes of David Beckham, this pie shop has well & truly earned the top spot on our list.

M ManzeLocations: 
87 Tower Bridge Road, SE1 4TW
105 High Street, Peckham SE15 5RS
226 High Street, Sutton SM1 1NT

Arments Pie and Mash 

First established in 1914 and a firm East End favorite ever since, a plate of their flavorful steak pie & mash costs just £3.55. If you can’t make it to London you can use their “Postal Pie” service & for super fans they even have their own Pie & Mash club!

Location: 7-9 Westmoreland Rd, London SE17 2AX

G. Kelly

Established in 1937 & another East End favorite serving lovely liquor with juicy beef pies. The pies are hand-made at the in-house bakery using a recipe handed down through four generations. They’re all too aware that most customers don’t know what this green liquid, oddly named “liquor” is & so provide the following information for their customers: “Liquor is a savory parsley sauce commonly served with traditional London style Pie & Mash. Liquor is not alcoholic”

G KellyLocation: 526 Roman Rd, London E3 5ES

Cockneys Pie & Mash

So traditional, they don’t have a website. Located in the west of London, which it has to be said is less traditional, but still serving lovely liquor & jellied eels! A family run business with exceptional service that earns it the fourth spot on our list. 

Cockneys PieLocation: 314 Portobello Road, London W10 5RU

Castles Pie shop

Established in 1934, don’t be fooled by the super simple interior. Like the other places on our list it doesn’t look like much from the outside however they not only offer tasty beef mince pies but plenty of lovely puddings as well including a lovely apple crumble.

CastlesLocation: 229 Royal College St, London NW1 9LT