Current service information:
Services are running on time this morning and our team will be here to help from 7am (Mon-Fri) or 8am (Sat-Sun) #hexupdates

Key Aim

We at Heathrow Express want to get you to your destination safely and on time. That’s our key aim and our number one priority.

Here are some of the ways we aim to ensure our service lives up to your expectations:

  • When our timetable changes, we publish the changes via a wide range of media including advertisements, posters, Express TV and this website.
  • We display the latest fares and schedules on board our trains, and provide additional information via seat-back leaflets and Express TV.
  • We pride ourselves on keeping our trains clean and tidy, inside and out.
  • If delays do happen, we announce them immediately at stations and on board, and we continue to do so until things get back to normal.

At all times, our Customer Services Team is there to provide the information and advice you need for a successful journey. Welcome to Heathrow Express.

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