Heathrow Express celebrates 25th anniversary as train journeys to the airport hit highest level since Covid

Mon 29 May 2023


– This year marks Heathrow Express’ 25th anniversary –
– New short film series celebrates passengers’ precious and unique cargo –
– 11 million cases travel to and from Heathrow every year, or 300 million since its launch -
– 282 per cent rise in passengers in 2022 compared to 2021 –
– Quirky luggage over the years includes slow cookers, tea sets and cacti –

Heathrow Express has launched a series of short films to mark 25 years of transporting people to and from the UK’s biggest airport since its launch in 1998. The series – titled The Luggage Diaries – celebrates its many diverse passengers with their valuable and often unique cargo.

The films have been released ahead of what is expected to be one of the busiest weeks of the year during the February half term. The Luggage Diaries reveals the stories of three case studies with precious possessions, including a world-renowned cellist who has toured with Madonna, an horologist who owns over 10 watches, and a Newquay-based surfer who travels the world in search of her next big wave.

Since it launched, over 100 million passengers have taken the 15-minute journey on the Heathrow Express, which carries 30,000 cases a day or 11 million a year – or 300 million cases since its launch.


Luggage Diaries Episode 1 - The Watch Lover - YouTube

Luggage Diaries Episode 2 - The Surfer - YouTube

Luggage Diaries Episode 3 - The Cellist - YouTube



New data released today reveals that train journeys to the airport have recently soared as demand returns to pre-pandemic levels, with 2022 seeing a 282 per cent increase in passengers compared to 2021. Monday 6th June was the busiest day of travel last year as the nation celebrated the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee weekend.

Heathrow Express research also reveals the average passenger travels with one piece of hold luggage and one piece of hand luggage. The most commonly carried items are food and drink (33 per cent), followed by souvenirs (25 per cent), occasion wear (14 per cent) and sports equipment (12 per cent).

The most unique items that have been on board the Heathrow Express have included a didgeridoo, an Arizona cactus, a sombrero, a singular rose, a full tea set and even a slow cooker.

The top items Heathrow Express passengers say they can’t travel without are their phone (71 per cent), chargers and adaptors (54 per cent), toiletries (46 per cent) and their laptop (43 per cent).

The Luggage Diaries consists of the following three episodes:

Episode 1: The Watch Lover
Horologist Justin Hast reveals why the Heathrow Express is the only method of transport he chooses when taking his valuable watches to the airport.

Episode 2: The Surfer
International surfer Clare James embarks on a surf adventure with a couple of friends, taking her board and sports luggage on board the Heathrow Express.

Episode 3: The Cellist
A day in the life of Chris Humphrys, cellist extraordinaire who has toured with stars including Madonna, where he travels around the world with his precious cello.


Daniel Edwards, Business Lead at Heathrow Express, said: “Twenty five years is a landmark milestone for us. We’re thrilled to celebrate the hundreds of millions of passengers we’ve transported since launch, and the interesting cargo that they often bring with them. They know that when they hop on board the fastest, non-stop link to the airport, they avoid that ‘luggage anxiety’ factor. Heathrow Express’ spacious, tranquil train carriages allow passengers to instantly relax – and if they need help, there are customer service colleagues onboard to assist. We look forward to transporting many more people and their cargo for years to come.”