Booking tickets online

Buying Heathrow Express tickets online is quick, simple and you’ll get the best available prices by booking in advance.

Email confirmation and accessing tickets

Once you have purchased your ticket you will receive an email confirming your booking. If you have booked a Heathrow Express ticket only you will have a link in the email to access and download a pdf of your ticket. Simply print the ticket or have it ready on your mobile phone to scan at the ticket gate line to access the train. If you have booked a journey that includes a London Underground ticket you will need to collect your tickets for both your Heathrow Express and London Underground journey from a ticket machine at the station.

Collecting tickets 

To collect your tickets you will need a payment card and your collection reference. You will find this in your booking confirmation email or in your account if you have registered.

How to use the ticket machines to collect your tickets
  1. Tap the button on screen to collect tickets.
  2. Insert any payment card (please note you will not be charged) to activate the machine 
  3. Type in your collection reference.
  4. Tap the button to print your tickets.

Mobile app Download our app for iPhone or Android for a quicker booking experience. When you register an account you can store your tickets within your account on the app making them easily accessible to scan at the gate line.

Heathrow Express ticket machines