Contactless and Oyster
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Contactless and Oyster

Oyster and Contactless Payment

Contactless travel on Heathrow Express

Contactless and Oyster are ways to pay for your Heathrow Express journey simply by touching in and out using the card readers on the ticket barriers at London Paddington and Heathrow Airport.

When you touch in at the start of your journey and out at your destination, you will automatically be charged for the journey you make meaning there’s no need to purchase a ticket before travelling.

Using Contactless payment or Oyster costs the same as a Peak or Off-Peak Express Single. A Peak Express Saver Single is £25 if travelling during our peak times (6.30am - 09.30am and 4pm - 7pm Monday – Friday excluding UK Bank Holidays) and Off-Peak is £22. You can’t share payment methods so each person travelling must have their own Contactless bank card, mobile device or Oyster card.

You can use Contactless or Oyster to travel in our Business First carriages by paying to upgrade once on-board. Business First offers a more private, spacious environment with wider seating, tables you can work from and a selection of complimentary magazines and newspapers.

Travel on Heathrow Express is not included in Freedom Passes, Travelcards or in Daily, Weekly or Monthly fare capping.

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Contactless conditions of use:

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Ticket can only be used in the direction selected when booking.